Psychometric Test and Personality Assessment in Kenya

We are happy to announce that career options have partnered with global leaders in personality assessment and Aptitude test to help organizations recruit the best candidates, develop talents and identify future leaders in Kenya.We are providing internationally recognized psychometric APS test in Kenya.

Assess suitability of candidates for specific roles in organizations. This improves Employee Retention and Performance because you can select candidates with desired personality traits for a specific role in an organization.

Psychometric testing from Career Options can transform the performance of your teams and individuals, delivering an immediate impact on your business.

Spanning the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and retaining staff, to developing and managing performance, our assessments will give you a high level of certainty in all of your people decisions.

The key to effective leadership in any business lies in understanding which person you should hire, which you should promote, what makes a top performer, what motivates them, their core strengths, their limitations and the value they add to a team. But what will really set your business apart is benchmarking the behaviours and abilities that will deliver success in your organisation, and managing your people into high performance.

We have a fully equipped assessment centre.

Tests offered to HR professionals are as follows:

Intelligence and Aptitudes:

1. Reasoning Test- Reasoning Test allows you to assess a candidate's general reasoning ability. This psychometric test is favoured by HR professionals as part of their recruitment process.The objective is to evaluate logical, numerical and verbal reasoning abilities.

2. Emotional intelligence test- The Emotional Intelligence Test -R assesses the ability to perceive, understand and manage one's own emotions and those of others. This EQ psychometric test is designed to better meet the demands of recruitment.

Personality and Competencies:

1. Professional profile- R

The Professional Profile personality test provides an in-depth analysis of a candidate's personality profile and job temperament based on twelve fundamental facets of the human character. This psychometric test is the one most frequently requested by psychologists and HR professionals.


Assess work personality and leadership skills

CTPI-R is an assessment tool that allows to assess personality traits, values and skills specific to the exercise of managerial functions or supervision. This assessment measures 19 personality traits associated with 21 key behavioural competencies. CTPI-R is recommended for the recruitment and evaluation of internal managers and executives.

3. Big five profile personality test

Measures the five principal personality traits

The Big Five Profile measures the fundamental dimensions of personality as set out in the internationally recognized Big Five model of personality.

The test is quick to administer (taking just seven minutes) and will highlight any candidate's dominant personality traits. This psychometric test can be used for all job categories and at all levels of ability for both recruitment and internal evaluations.

4. Sales Profile R

Detecting sales potential

The Sales Profile-R assesses one's commercial potential, by revealing an individual's scores on the abilities and motivations in the field of sales. The test also helps to illustrate a candidate's sales specialization by highlighting their particular strengths. This psychometric test is used for recruitment as well as for training, internal career development, and sales force auditing.

This revised version of the Sales Profile includes a new group called 'Negotiation Skills', as well as questions that are closer to 'real life' sales scenarios.

5. Occupational interest inventory.

A guide to career management

The Occupational Interest Inventory analyzes a candidate's or an employee's motivations and professional aptitudes based on six dimensions outlined by the RIASEC model and matches their profile with 80 different job categories. This psychometric test is used by career guidance centers, HR professionals and educational institutions.

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