We take pride in really understanding what our client want and having the industry knowledge to find it.Since 2007 we have welcomed hiring managers from Large Companies frustrated by many of the bad habits of modern recruitment.Our commitment to provide the best quality candidate has helped us built a team of experts who know the industries they work with inside out, and we work with a board of senior industry experts who make sure that we’re always serving the best interests of our clients and of the industry as a whole..

Contract Staffing:

Contract Staffing" as the name suggests is way of recruiting required manpower on contract. This contract could take place between one company and one individual or between two companies.

Our staffing service helps our clients quickly ramp up project teams with as few or many qualified consultants as are required to fill short-term and long-term needs. We employ innovative techniques to access the best talents on current skill sets, emerging technologies and next generation trends.
Companies are changing the way they’re doing business to survive in this new economy.

A new workforce model
So what we are seeing is more of a permanent shift where companies are maintaining a core of direct employees and supporting that core with a larger outer ring of contractors.

This new workforce model has the following benefits:

  • Allowing companies to remain lean because they can quickly bring in just the amount of help they need and just as quickly reduce their workforce when business slows.
  • Eliminating the fear of devastating layoffs because contractors know from the get-go that their assignments are for a specific period of time.
  •  Limiting companies’ overheads because there are no employer payroll taxes, benefits premiums, or administrative costs with contractors.
  • Allowing companies to “try-before-they-buy” because if they are not sure they have the “perfect candidate” or question a candidate’s skill set, they can engage them in a contract-to-direct arrangement.


Talent Acquisition experts in Africa and Middle East
Aim: Acquire the right candidate for the right job.
The specialization of our consultants and the knowledge of the markets in which they operate thus make it possible to offer our customers a unique value added service for:

  • The definition of the job specifications and the profiles according to the possibilities and limits of the local and international labour market,
  • The targeting and selection of the best candidates in respect of controlled time scales,
  • The management of the negotiation/contract phase for which the expertise of the local constraints and expatriation issues is essential. Managing directly the assignment process with clients and candidates for each stage of the mission, our consultants play an essential counselling role to both parties and are committed to final success. 


The candidates that we select within the context of a recruitment mission, are at first contacted by telephone for a primary selection. If they match the requirements, they will be met and interviewed by the consultant in charge of the assignment.
During the individual meetings, the following elements are evaluated in an objective way: technical competencies, know-how, and in a more subjective way: behavioural competencies, personality, motivations, preferences etc. For the candidates who can refer to several experiences, the references of their last employers will enable to refine the recruitment.
The selected candidates are then presented to our client and a comprehensive debriefing is organized after the interview.
The chosen candidate will keep a close contact with the consultant during his trial period and throughout his/her first year within its new position.
Manpower Planning: Act as an advisory to the Management to identify and fill the manpower needs that are directly related to Corporate planning and HR Planning and Budgeting.

Job profiling: The completed Profiles are the nucleus of an integrated response to the organization's human capital needs. Properly constructed, these profiles will permit selective implementation of the organization’s Human Capital Management Plan.

Job Description: A good hire starts with excellent Job Description. We develop efficient and most accurate job descriptions that will record competencies and skill sets needs along with behavioural requirements. 

Recruitment & Selection : Source, screen, shortlist, interview and identify the right skills, competencies & behaviour for various job needs. These can be single assignments, multiple, cross-border assignments.

Executive Talent Search: are based on centrally-mandated high quality standards. We use a proven methodology while inserting our own experience, expertise and creative thought into each assignment. A Senior / Principal partner is involved in every search assignment until its successful completion. We do multi-country assignments. End-to-end project management.

Executive Interviews & Report writing: We provide expertise in interviewing mid manager level up to all the “C” level such as CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO, CIO,  CHO and producing interview reports and matching with the job profile and needs for independent assignments.

On boarding & Deployment: Organize, welcome and equip the new hires into the organization inducting them of regional and organizational values, vision, mission, culture, policies, systems and processes.

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