Businesses are constantly striving for more efficient ways in which to streamline their business processes, to enable them to focus on becoming more strategic.

It is all to often that the payroll department is overlooked when businesses are looking to make fundamental cost savings, when in fact this is an area which could make a significant impact on your bottom line. More and more businesses are looking to external companies to manage their payroll function, lifting the day-to-day burden, and allowing more time to focus on their core business.

Legislation can be a minefield of problems for the business leader. Remaining up to date and aware of strict deadlines and penalties associated with payroll is often neglected in businesses, when in actual fact, it is crucial for growing companies to avoid the unnecessary expense. A less obvious, but equally pertinent expense is your time. Many businesses run their payrolls manually which can often take hours, mistakes that are made have a great effect on your business, the staff morale is damaged, penalties are issued. These are all problems that you don‘t need, and don‘t necessarily have to face.

Career Options enables you to match your workforce to your workload and eliminate the financial burden of carrying in your employ, extra full-time staff when not required. Stay-aways and downtime become a thing of the past and best of all, you no longer have staff administrative or legislative burdens.

Other benefits associated with non core staff outsourcing contracts are competitive pricing structures, continuity of supply, predetermined service levels and dedicated contract supervision.

Our Objective:

To ensure that your organization is able to devote more time and energy to your core business and thus achieve higher returns on investment.

we strive to achieve this through;

  • Full management of all the existing non core employees of your organization.
  • Replacements & recruitments in consultation with the client.
  • Maintenance of employee files, contracts and other necessary employee details.
  • Maintenance of the employees on payroll as per the legal requirements.
  • Handling of disciplinary issues in consultation with the client.
  • Management of the leave schedules in consultation with client.
  • Provision of Motivational seminar and other soft skills in consultation with client We aim at ensuring compliance to Employment Act, 2007 and Labor Relations Act, 2007.
We offer continuous training for the workers to equip them with relevant skills to cope with the job demand. This is done in liaison with the client to ensure achieving excellent results.

Career Options is geared to handle contracts of any size and nature. Some of the industries we  aim to serve include food processing, manufacturing, transport & logistics, retail, construction, hospitality, engineering, call centres, and many more.